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Through marriage they are linked with hundreds of royal families in Europe and Asia.

They are also rebels who have paid the ultimate price for participating in some of the most dynamic struggles in history.

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Many of their descendants immigrated to the New World and were founders of important colonial families.

Where descendants have emmigrated to other countries, I have included only the emmigrant and no further, as their stories would exceed the purpose of this project.

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The Acker family of Little Moreton, Congleton An old Anglo-Saxon surname, referring to a plot of arable land, deriving from the old English pre-7th Century word "aecer", meaning a ploughed field or cultivated land, which became "acker" (or 'acre') in Middle English.

Many of the old families of Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire can trace their ancestries back to the Norman Conquest of 1066.I'm NOT a commitment phobe like most these days..i'm intelligent and witty.. If anyone messages me with no conversation and "do you have wats app" I'm sorry your probably not for me.I love all animals and wildlife, I am interested in wildlife conservation and I especially love raptors.I'm 20 - single - lesbian - looking for a girlfriend that I can be happy with - I like hanging out with mates - I'm outgoing - I'm adventurous - caring - loyal - stupid - silly - like going on nights out I'm young at heart..romantic and fun to be around..I'm caring,supportive and thoughtful always there no matter what time of day it is.. I am so not here for swapping sexy pics and one liners though.