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Yet the Austronesians stopped short of the African coast. The Asian crops were common on the Comoros and on Madagascar, but rare on the East African coast.

“There was a culinary frontier,” says Alison Crowther, an archaeologist at the University of Queensland, St. Her team collected more than 2400 samples of botanical remains at 20 sites on the African mainland and on offshore islands and Madagascar, and obtained 43 radiocarbon dates from crop seeds. The line traced by the study shows that the two regions, although close geographically, were worlds apart in their way of life, suggesting a wholesale colonization of Madagascar and the Comoros.

I had a pit latrine and no running water in my house. When I think back on the “lowest lows” and most challenging points of my service, they have little to do with the standards of living or working in a foreign culture and language.

I taught classes of 50 students using nothing more than a chalkboard. The biggest challenge was dealing with sexual harassment on a daily basis and having to give up certain liberties and freedoms since, in the conservative highlands of Madagascar, had to to meet the expectations my host culture had for women.

Gestionnaire de 43 Aires Protégées réparties sur une surface de plus de 2 millions d’hectares dont 7 classées sites Patrimoine Mondial, 2 sites RAMSAR et 3 Réserves de Biosphère.

Madagascar National Parks est une association malagasy de droit privé, reconnue d’utilité publique et opérante sous la tutelle du Ministère de l’Environnement, de l’Ecologie, de la Mer et des Forêts.

They also had many distinct traits among lemurs, including a tendency to rely on terrestrial locomotion, slow climbing, and suspension instead of leaping, as well as a greater dependence on leaf-eating and seed predation.

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