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Ever find yourself searching for the right word to express an emotion, but coming up short? English, while undoubtedly useful and beautiful in its own way, isn’t the be-all-end-all when it comes to self-expression.That’s why we love these Dutch words that have no English equivalent — we can draw on them when we have something to say but don’t have the right words to say it.However, pure luck and a lot of practice has allowed me to forge genuine friendships with these wonderful women.They’ve welcomed me into their country, their homes and into their hearts. A review of the literature appears to indicate that authors in the English language have distinguished the importance and specifics of Dutch clockmaking much at a much earlier stage and with rather more verve than their Dutch colleagues. Great Dutch architects like Berlage and Dudok, and even the old masters of the 'Golden Age of Dutch painting'seems to attract greater interest abroad than in the Netherlands itself. The best nown Dutch authors, amongst others writing in the English language about essential history of Dutch clocks, Dr J. Sellink in his survey of Dutch antique domestic clocks (1973) and Dr R.Plomp in some splendid articles in Antiquarian Horology of 1971, 19, but mainly in his important case study of Early Dutch spring driven pendulum clocks (1979). Those who are interested in Dutch pronunciation, and a number of fascinating facets of Dutch culture, should visit Marco's excellent website at:

A common complaint among fellow expats is how difficult it is for them to actually make friends with Dutch people.The wave of iconoclasm it set in motion was so powerful that it cut off the most classic destination of the most significant artistic production.Today, the large churches in Dutch towns still welcome the faithful with bare whitewashed plastered walls, with plain, stark spaces, where there is no indulgence in decoration. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with these tall gorgeous happy blonde beauties with flawless biking skills?Sometimes expat women spend their entire stay in the Netherlands not having any real Dutch female friends.