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But things took a sour turn after it emerged that the app can be programmed to hurl abuse at fellow users by anonymously.Sim Simi uses artificial intelligence to learn from all of the conversations it has had with users, but this allows bullies to program abusive responses.Christina Atay receives funding from the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language.

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But this learning method allows bullies to teach it respond with insults and foul language.

Jacki Liddle is employed by the Asia-Pacific Centre for Neuromodulation (APCN) at the University of Queensland.

CSIRO provides funding as a founding partner of The Conversation AU. But Harlie, like all other artificial intelligent (AI) programs, has no concept of community groups, wood work or anything else for that matter. And alas, sentient chatbots are seemingly light years beyond our reach.

APCN is in part funded by unrestricted research and education funding from Medtronic Inc, and St Andrews War Memorial Hospital.

Neither of the above-mentioned organisations had any part in the research reported or preparation of the document.