Is travis clark still dating sasha

Worst of all, within its first two episodes, Season 3 has already made one huge, if characteristic, mistake: killing Travis just as he was becoming interesting.Despite all of this, I am here to tell you that there is one ray of hope for Season 3—a path forward that could allow the drama to course correct and find its voice in a way that even has yet to do in any consistent way.But Daily Mail Online can reveal that Sasha Lane, the Transformers star's new girlfriend, was in fact a squeaky-clean honors student who had no interest in acting until talent scouts told her: 'You have a face for movies.' Pride: Sasha Slater, 19, used Instagram to show her delight at being part of American Honey when she was filming earlier this year.She called the acting breakthrough 'the biggest blessing of my life'The pair even headed to the same chain restaurant, On The Border, where until last year Sasha worked part-time earning .25 an hour as a server - although Shia disappointed staff by refusing a request for an autograph.'She's a pretty, nice young lady and it doesn't surprise me that she has made it this far with her potential and her ability,' he told Daily Mail Online.At the time, a source told that it was "definitely possible they'll work things out again."But Tyga, who is also at Coachella, doesn't appear to be too affected by Kylie and Travis.He's reportedly been hanging with his own crew of friends, and attended the Interscope party at the music festival over the weekend, according to E!

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The details of Sasha Lane's part have not been revealed Sasha left the smart Frisco neighborhood where she lived with her mom Judith, 49, and 23-year-old brother Sergio, to enroll at Texas State University but it is not clear if she plans to complete her studies.

Praised: Sahsa Lane's former boss, Caitlyn Chivers, told Daily Mail Online: 'Sasha was kind of artsy and very bohemian - she definitely had her own unique style and I can see why the movie people would like her.''Shia kept his hat on, I don't think he wanted to have people asking him things,' manager Ashley Hockenberry told Daily Mail Online.

They’re quickly detained by what appears to be a border patrol militia.

Madison keeps asking for Travis, who has been cordoned off into a group of people meant to be killed—along with Nick and his girlfriend from La Colonia, Luciana.