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Hello all, I have something very simple going on here and I'm scratching my head as to what the problem is.

There are 4 items in my project, 2 webforms, a user control, and a module: Web Form1Change Web User Control1Module1Here's the flow: Web Form1 is the start page and has a placeholder that gets populated with Web User Control1. The page load of Web Form1 set this string to "Some Value".

(Provided it's not a postback) On Web User Control1, there is a textbox and a label.

The page load of the usercontrol sets the values of both the textbox and the label to the value of str Test. There is a plain old html button on Web User Control1 that executes some client script to open a popup window. Change has some code in the page load that changes the value of str Test from "Some Value" to "New Value".

Begin Edit() Try Dim entry As Dictionary Entry For Each entry In new Values changed Rows(0)(CType(entry.

So the value of both the textbox and the label in the usercontrol should now read "New Value". This is utterly confusing, my page is definitely getting refreshed or the label would still say "Some Value" instead of "New Value". Load 'Put user code to initialize the page here If Not Page. Add(ctr Text Box) End Sub Here's Web User Control1(HTML): Here's Web User Control1(VB): Private Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As System. -- Curt Christianson site: wrote: That's why I included the code, it's a very small project. It's working perfectly for the label, but the textbox is not updating. Text = str Test Jeff "Curt_C [MVP]" wrote: not 100% sure I followed BUT... Item, Grid Editable Item) 'Locate the changed row in the Data Source Dim changed Rows As Data Row() = Me. Select("Employee ID = " edited Item("Employee ID"). Update Command Name) Then Dim edited Item As Grid Editable Item = CType(e. Canceled = True Return End If 'Update new values Dim new Values As Hashtable = New Hashtable new Values("Country") = CType(edited Item. The code below shows how to retrieve a value from a control in a user control custom edit form in Telerik Rad Grid. Item, Grid Editable Item) Dim My User Control As User Control = CType(e. The example demonstrates how to refer to controls by obtaining references to them with the Private Sub Rad Grid1_Update Command(By Val source As Object, By Val e As Telerik.