Podcast not updating

They will receive the updates immediately after they’re published in Buzzsprout. If you’re experiencing an issue where your podcast listing hasn’t been updated in more than 72 hours, contact i Tunes.The Podcast app has been around on the i Phone for a while.For whatever reason, i Tunes is set up so podcast hosting providers (Buzzsprout) cannot send updates directly to their main listings.Instead, they “pull” any updates from the individual RSS feeds every 24 hours.

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i Tunes updates their main podcast listings every 24 hours. Buzzsprout will immediately change your RSS feed to reflect the changes, but i Tunes may take between 24 and 48 hours to update their main listing.From there, it is up to i Tunes to refresh their cache and recognize these changes.It can typically take up to 24 hours for i Tunes to update your podcast.Troubleshooting: In some cases, your copy of our RSS feed might get cached by i Tunes or your podcasting downloader of choice. Like I said, it hasn't happened to me in i Tunes for at least a year.Later versions of i Tunes don't seem to have this problem, but if you "update podcast" and nothing new comes down (and you're sure that there's a new one out there that you don't have), you may need to quit the software and relaunch it. Thank you and good podcasting, GLHB, HAND, and all of that.