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She is therefore easy to please but impossible to dominate.

My first introduction to a camera was to my dad's Brownie Hawkeye.

Not only was it a great toy to play with, it also doubled as a snack holder. In high school photo class, I realized that the medium clicked for me (yeah, I know that pun was too easy, shame on me! After receiving an associate degree in photography I spent the next two years assisting a commercial photographer.

Darlene, Jennifer, and Becky first appear in their test videos, then “come to life “ to interact with Kevin onstage.

Pouring salt on the gaping wound that is his pathetic loneliness, the other dads come home from a double-date with their hot lady friends and start making out in the living room. ), Jesse and Rebecca Donaldson urge Joey to find a date for the upcoming New Years Eve party at the tv station so he’s not an even bigger 5th wheel burden to have around than he usually is.

Kimmie Gibbler comes over and invites DJ to her New Years Eve rager.

Those experiences showed me not only that I'm better suited for portrait photography, but also that I have a knack for putting people at ease.

This made for a seamless transition into portraiture and wedding photography where I've spent the past nine years.