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) on the other hand, as you inquired “what to do”, So the main step would be related to repentance and promising not to repeat it (or other similar sins) at all.

You’d better notice to the following verse concerning repentance.

Stranger: juz cos sum1 asks doenst mean u shuld giv it 2 dem! Stranger: nevermind You: I'm trying to learn here, Dean. You: I'm fairly certain that my vocabulary is larger than yours, Dean. You: Yes, Dean, I know what they want, and I'm also quite willing to give it to them.

You: I saw you on the website once, and I was curious. Stranger: bcos if ur stupid enuf 2 giv random strangrs ur real info den u shuldnt be on d internet You: But you asked. Stranger: IT MEANS "WHATEVER" DO U RLY HAV 2 ASK WAT EVRY SINGLE WORD MEANS!

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i could comment as it is recommended in comment to another simple answer here. i do not see rules for answering here, nor link to that. but ok, i google it, i see there are some texts : https:// i think probably there are degrees of meanings for words, words can be used almost metaphorically and metaphorically, and even inside boundary, which is between "100%" meaning and metaphorical meanings, meanings are sorted by their directness for the word, as you can see in dictionaries.

I've been informed that nicknames should be reserved for certain people only.

Stranger: ITS ME U IDIOT N U CANT JUST ASK PPL IF THEYRE DEMONSYou: Unless your name is "me", that response doesn't answer any of my questions at all. You: …Unless your name is "me u idiot", in which case I apologize for assuming that it was an insult. You: If your intention is to harm him, I should warn you that I am now very well-trained in the use of firearms. Stranger: And for Christ's sake stop telling people that you're old and have a dick and live in a secret bunker! You: None, all the ones that asked disconnected as soon as I asked them what "asl" means.

It is true that you have done a bad and haram practice via Facebook.

But it is not counted as Zina practice, since there is a specific introduction for Zina (you can see the site below concerning the explanation of Zina, of course it is in Farsi and France.